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Sash window refurbishment / draught proofing

One of the easiest, cost effective ways of increasing the market financial worth of your home is refurbishment of your sash windows. 

LDN sash window co’s excellent refurbishment services will only ever be suggested to customers when we believe that they reflect a beneficial long-term investment. If the damage to your windows or doors is beyond repair, anyway, LDN sash window co will recommend partial or complete replacement sashes as an option.

One of the more cost effective ways to secure your house from draughts, heat loss and that ever rattling window, is by having us install our proofing system into your sash windows.

The system of draught proofing that we use at LDN sash window co is capable of protecting a building from rattling, grime intake as well as noise pollution. If you live in a typical London old build, sash windows are an important factor as this periods quality.

Through a blend of the traditional sash style and modern specifications, we continuously provide you wonderful outcome in your home. Broken, decayed or shabby windows can devalue your home, so LDN sash window co have designed specific refurbishment service to fix this.

Below you’ll see a list of operations we carry out when draught proofing your sash windows. 

  1. Protect the working area with dust sheets
  2. Remove all staff beads
  3. Remove sash cords and take out the inner sash 
  4. Take out parting beads
  5. Remove sash cords and outer sash and remove the weights from the box
  6. Strip excess paint from the window box and replace any rotten areas/cill if necessary 
  7. Strip excess paint from the sashes
  8. Router the meeting rail to get it ready for the brush strip 
  9. Fill and sand all defects on the box and sashes, also address and missing putty
  10. Prime, undercoat and top coat both box and sashes
  11. Rebalance on the weights and refit the outer sash with new cords
  12. Fit new parting beads with pre inserted brush strip
  13. Fit the brush strip to the meeting rail on the inner sash, then rebalance on the weights and refit the inner sash with new cords
  14. Fit new staff beads internally 
  15. Fill any pin holes and a final top coat is applied 
  16. New hardware is installed to give the window a new lease of life
  17. Clean away the working area 

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