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Timber window repairs, refurbishment and full replacement windows and doors. We are a local bespoke sash window company based in Earlsfield, South West London, covering all the surrounding areas inc:-

Sash Windows Balham, Sash Windows Barnes, Sash Windows Chelsea, Sash Windows Clapham, Sash Windows Earlsfield, Sash Windows Fulham, Sash Windows Pimlico, Sash Windows Hammersmith, Sash Windows Kensington, Sash Windows Wandsworth, Sash Windows Wimbledon

As a lot of areas in the London boroughs are conservation areas we specialize in bringing your old windows back to life! being it a replacement pane of glass, a replacement sash to a complete new window! The options are endless!

Here are some of the sash window services that we have to offer……

Full Sash Window Replacement Service Earlsfield South West London

Full sash window replacement

We can provide a complete replacement sash window service. If we feel a sash window is beyond the state of repair (our last option!) but if the situation does occur this is always available for both double of single glazed options to remain “in keeping” with the property.

Sash Window Replacement Earlsfield South West London

Sash window replacement

We offer a unique service where a lot of people would love to upgrade their windows to double glazing but cant for conservation reasons, we have system where you keep your original frames and we insert new sashes in them keeping the section sizes the same with double glazing installed. It’s a way to keep your original aesthetics and benefit from double glazing and draught proofing. We call this a “retro fit”. we usually recommend a reasonably priced hardwood sash to replace the common softwood sash as with experience we find softwood sashes deteriorate rapidly compared to hardwood.

Draft Proofing Earlsfield South West London

Draught proofing sash windows

Draught proofing your sash windows is a great way to stop the common “whistling window” when its rattling in the wind and letting cold air into your property. We don’t use the reasoning that your initial investment would be returned in saving on your heating bills as the numbers just simply don’t add up! However, if you want a warm cosy home with reduced bills then this is a great option to think about. We can guarantee draft proofing sash and casement windows and doors up to 95% from its original state so it really is worth while.

Window Overhaul Earlsfield South West London

The window overhaul

In this system, we’ll re-cord your sashes, free off the sashes and pulleys or replace the pulleys where needed. Upgrade and replace the staff and parting bead. Counter balance the sashes to the weights to get them functioning properly and fill any minor defects/glazing putty ready for decoration to be done by your own decorator. Decoration is not included in this service.

Full Window Refurbishment Earlsfield South West London

The full window refurbishment

In this system we aim to bring your window completely back to life! As the window will probably be as old as us both put together we cant guarantee it’ll look completely brand new, but we can try to get it as near as dam it!
What we do is take the window apart completely, removing the catches firstly and see if we need to change or re use (depending on the property/customer preference) we’ll then assess the sashes for rot and splice/make good where needed, we’ll then go to work on the box, freeing off the pulleys. Removing the weights and generally cleaning it up, filling it, assessing the sill, pulley styles and linings getting it ready for recoating, we’ll prime,undercoat and top coat your windows using the zinsser paint system.
Once coated we’ll then fit new beads all round, new cords, catches, re-weight and draught proof, once this is done and the window is back together working, we’ll then apply another top coat to try and achieve a perfect finish!
Using this option it’s a one stop shop for everything which takes the hassle out of having to find any other trades to finish it off.

Joinery Service Earlsfield South West London

Joinery Service

We also offer a standard joinery service, so if you have us round repairing your windows and you’ve a door that needs hanging or some skirting needs fitting please feel free to ask!

We’re a passionate sash window business with exceptional attention to detail

The journey started back in 1999 for Mark. as a 16 year old apprentice in Pocklington, North Yorkshire, where he learnt his craft as a bench joiner creating all types work from conservatories to staircases.
From there he went from strength to strength starting his own business in a workshop in York in 2004 where he made all things wood! his favorite thing to make was windows hence the new venture….
In July 2019 Mark made a big decision in his life and made the move to the big smoke, he’s new to the area but with 21 years experience under his belt producing nothing but high quality work he’s definitely got a lot to offer!!

The beauty of LDN SASH WINDOWS CO is that we are a local London business, we keep our overheads low and this is reflected in our price.  In fact, the person you meet for an initial measure up will be the person overseeing and carrying out the work. So for a free no obligation quote please get in touch.


For a free no obligation meeting please get in touch.

Banner image - FAQs

Q. What are the main benefits for upgrading to double glazing?
A. It usually keeps the house warmer / offers an extra sound barrier.

Q. What can stop rattling windows/draft?
A. Using pre-inserted brush stripped beading holds the sashes in place and reduces air inlets.

Q. What is “low E glass” and argon filled?
A. Low emissivity glass keeps the heat in and deflects the cold reduces it coming into your property its got a deflective film on one pane of a double glazed unit, argon gas filled unit creates a better thermal barrier of up to 10% and it doesnt cost much more.

Q. Can you match the existing style/mould of my window?
A. Yes we can make a template and match anything

Q. What is your current lead time on work?
A. Replacement windows / new work is about 6 weeks from order, refurbishment can be sooner depending on the nature of the job.

Q. Can I have extra locks on my windows?
A. Yes I use a range of extra security locks if needed. I recommend ERA locks as they give the best manufacturers guarantee.

Q. What type of wood do you usually use?
A. We use timbers that are fsc certified, we usually recommend a range of hardwoods.

Q. Do you offer a small repairs window service?
A. Yes we offer a re-cord re beading service to get your window operational.

Sash Windows London

Henry Moreton-Stade Developments Ltd
I’ve worked with Mark for 14 years on and off. He project manages all the shop fitting on my leisure sites across the country, I wouldn’t use anyone else and can’t recommend him enough. His attention to detail is second to none.
Simon Smith-Murton, York
Mark manufactured and installed the windows in my farm house. They had to be changed like for like as we live in a conservation area, when the windows arrived at our house I was amazed how every little profile matched the ones we were taking out. Definitely would recommend.

At LDN sash window co, The founder of the company has been in the joinery business a long time, he knows the pros and cons of all things wood! For this reason we made the decision not to use softwood on any of our external projects. We want our work to look great, be an asset to your home, and more importantly to last the length of time! We know this cannot be achieved using run of the mill pine externally. We’ve a wide range of hardwoods to choose from which we use to suit your individual properties needs to bring out the very best in the job at hand.