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Sash window repair

LDN sash window co’s retrofit sash window replacement service

At LDN sash window co, We will go to extreme lengths save the authentic style of timber windows while raising their level of energy efficiency. By inserting the new, slim, double glazed hardwood sashes into the existing frame, we call this “the retrofit system” LDN sash window co reduce the disruption as well as need for redecoration and thus the total project cost.

By simply replacing your original, single glazed sash with a bespoke, replica hardwood sash we can reduce the overall mess produced by the project substantially. We pride ourselves on offering double glazed hardwood sash windows that are so genuine in look they are often mistaken for the original window. You can be sure that your home will retain its original charm and character, regardless of your choice – either to keep your original windows and retrofit or choose complete replacements from LDN sash window co. 

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